Modern Bolo Locket
Modern Bolo Locket
Modern Bolo Locket
Modern Bolo Locket
Modern Bolo Locket

Modern Bolo Locket


Design Elements

A true mix of past and present.

A vintage Edwardian 14k gold filled locket from 1902 sits on a modern 14k gold filled snake chain. It features a teardrop shaped garnet at the collar which can be adjusted to any length by sliding the chain. The garnet also sits on a 14k gold filled setting.

The locket features "1902" engraved on one side and an illegible monogram is etched into the other. Locket can be opened and still works.

This is a one of a kind necklace and is the only one like it that will be made.


Slider: Can be adjusted to any length

Total Chain: 36"

Stone Properties

Garnet is the birthstone for January. Iron and magnesium in the earth give garnets their deep red color. All stones used in Redbud Jewelry are ethically sourced and mined.

About 14k Gold-Fill and Shipping

14k gold-fill is created by pressure bonding layers of 14k gold over a core of high quality jeweler's brass. It is not gold plating. Unlike gold plating, gold-fill will not rub off and will act as 14k gold. As such, it does not tarnish.

This necklace ships within 2 days.