Pyrite Prong Set Necklace

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A stunning large piece of pyrite is set in a decorative jeweler's brass prong setting.  The pendant sits on a gold-filled chain with an asymmetrical section of howlite beads.  

The length of this necklace makes it perfect on its own or layered with a smaller, more delicate necklace.

Design Elements

Each pendant is completely hand fabricated in brass.  Each piece of pyrite is hand set in this prong setting.


Pyrite is a protection stone.  It protects against negative energy and promotes physical well-being.  Pyrite stimulates the second and third chakras and is said to enhance the mind and willpower.


Chain: 30"

Pendant: approx. 1.5" in diameter (will vary with each stone)

*Each pyrite stone is natural. Expect some variation in size and shape.*