Wabi Sabi Ring - Silver
Wabi Sabi Ring - Silver

Wabi Sabi Ring - Silver


Design Elements

The perfect accent alone or stacked with others.

Our sterling silver Wabi Sabi ring features an organic-shaped band and a delicate 3mm stone. Available in opal or garnet.

Shown in last photo with our organic stacking ring set in silver.


Band: approx. 2mm wide Stone: 3mm

Stone Properties

Opal - The opal in this ring is a Sterling Lab Created opal. These opals are created in the Sterling Lab and have the same chemical make-up as naturally occurring opals. They are a bit heartier and easier to care for than naturally occurring opals.

Garnet - Iron and magnesium in the earth give garnets their deep red color.

All stones used in Redbud Jewelry are ethically sourced and mined.


This ring is made to order and ships within 5 days.