Jewelry Care Instructions

Electroformed Jewelry Care

While this jewelry is sturdy, please wear with care.  Avoid wearing during vigorous activity or submerging in water.  All pieces can be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth or mild soap and water.

Blue Patina Jewelry Care

The patina on this jewelry is a surface treatment.  While it has been sealed, avoid submerging in water or vigorous activity while wearing.  Expect some copper to shine through during wear.

Copper and Brass Jewelry Care

Expect some patina on these pieces with age.  The more often they are worn, the less they will patina although factors like body heat and body chemistry can cause oxidation.  

If you'd like to polish up any copper pieces please use a silver polishing cloth.  

All brass jewelry can be cleaned in a solution of 1 to 4 vinegar to water with a little dish soap.  Soak for a few minutes, wipe clean, and dry.  

Silver Jewelry Care

Many silver pieces are intentionally oxidized for an antique look.  However, to polish bright silver pieces, use a silver polishing cloth.

Gold Jewelry Care

All gold jewelry may be cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth.  Redbud Jewelry will happily polish and clean all gold jewelry for the lifetime of the piece.  Simply bring it back to the shop.