Make Your Own Wedding Bands in Our Studio!

Make a Memorable Ring Even More Special!


This is such a fun and unique experience and I love working with couples to make amazing bands for themselves!  Anyone - even YOU - can make your own band with no experience necessary.  



Process Outline

*Note: If you are outside of the Chicago area, all consultations can be done via email and Skype/Face Time.

Initial Consultation

We will meet for an initial consultation.  This is where we can really get into the nitty-gritty of what you are looking for and what we can create together.  This meeting is most beneficial if you come in with a bit of an idea of what you are looking for. This is also the time to be sure of your budget so that I can help direct you to materials that will work for you.

It always helps to come in with some images or a Pinterest board of things you like.


We will settle on a final design. I’ll also give you a cost estimate based on the market price of the metals you want to use.  

We will have one more in-person consultation, if possible, to solidify all the elements for your rings.

Making Your Bands

This is the fun part!  Making bands takes about 4 hours.  You will create an example piece in brass to familiarize yourself with the tools and process.  Then we will make rings in the material you have chosen. The shop will be closed while you are here, so I am totally here to help you achieve an amazing, heirloom-quality ring!




The cost for creating your ring includes a few factors:

*Workshop Fee

*Metals Fee


*Sales Tax

A $100 deposit will be required when signing up for the class to hold your desired class date and time.  This will be applied toward the total cost for your ring(s).  At our initial consultation, I will be sure to guide you to the metals and designs that will work within your desired budget.


This is the cost for your coming to the studio to create your ring.  You will be using all of my professional goldsmithing tools - the same ones I use every day - and I will be there guiding you through the whole process.  Making your bands takes about 4 hours and during this time, the studio will be closed to the public so you can have the VIP treatment!  Below is the price breakdown for one person making a ring or for the couple to each make a ring.

Single Person Making 1 Ring Couple Making 2 Rings
$280 $560



Your exact metals cost will be based on the style of ring you are making, the metal you are using to make it, and the width of the band you would like to make.  Below are some approximate pricing for different metals.  These numbers have been figured with a simple band design in mind. Please note that more complicated designs require quite a bit more design and teaching skill and so will be priced at a higher rate.

*Pricing is shown per ring.



Metal Type













Sterling Silver $25 $30 $35 $40 $45 $50
14k Yellow or Rose Gold $80 $150 $225 $290 $345 $450
14k White Palladium Gold $90 $100 $280 $360 $430 $500


*A word about metals: When using gold for wedding bands, I prefer to use 14 karat.  It gives that rich gold color and is also very durable.  For white gold, I prefer to use white palladium gold.  This type of white gold does not contain nickel like tradition white gold and therefore does not need to be rhodium plated.  Rhodium plating must be re-plated periodically over the life of a ring and causes a lot of hassle for the wearer.  That is why palladium white gold is such a great alternative!  These are all things we can discuss at your consultation. 


Below is a list of extras we offer.  These are all charged on a per-design basis taking into account the difficulty of the design.  


*Flush stone setting

*Bezel stone setting

*Prong stone setting


Sales tax will be charged on materials only, not on workshop fees.


Some recent examples from workshops this year!




Ready to learn more? Send us a message here and let's start creating!