Asymmetrical Ring
Asymmetrical Ring

Asymmetrical Ring


Design Elements

An every day gold band that's just a little different.

A 14k gold-filled asymmetrical band surrounds a 6mm howlite stone in a sterling silver setting.

Because howlite is a natural stone, expect some variation in pattern.


Band ranges in width from 7mm to 2.5mm

Stone Properties

Howilte is said to aid in insomnia and an overactive mind, strengthen memory and knowledge, aid in achieving goals, and help to eliminate pain, rage, and stress.

About 14k Gold-Fill

14k gold-fill is created by pressure bonding layers of 14k gold over a core of high quality jeweler's brass. It is not gold plating. Unlike gold plating, gold-fill will not rub off and will act as 14k gold. As such, it does not tarnish.