Birthstone Sterling Silver Honeycomb Necklace


Cast from real honeycomb!

I take a real piece of honeycomb and create a plaster mold. I then burn out the wax honeycomb and inject the molten sterling silver. What comes out is a beautiful, natural piece of sterling jewelry. I oxidize the piece to give it a beautiful antique look.

In this piece I'll set a beautiful faceted stone of your choice! Look at the menu for birthstone options! (Some months have very expensive precious stones so I've listed more cost-effective alternatives for them as well!)


Honeycomb: Approx. .75" x .5"
Chain: 18"

Due to the natural look of honeycomb, each piece will be slightly different in size and shape. Picture is an example.

*This product is currently back ordered.  Please allow 3 weeks before shipping.*


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