Intentionally Crafted Jewelry

Each piece is made completely by hand with care in our Chicago studio and storefront. Our heirloom-quality jewelry can be worn for decades to come.

DIY Metalsmithing Kits

Learn a Craft

Turn your home into your studio as you learn beginning metalsmith techniques and create a new project each month!

The Deconstructed Collection

I am so thrilled to introduce you to the new Deconstructed Collection. It's a little darker and edgier, but aren't we all?

Stories in Metal

We use centuries-old techniques and combine them with recycled materials and ethically sourced stones to produce jewelry that will last a lifetime. Our work connects the plains of Oklahoma, Chickasaw Native art, and an eye for the organic.  

Fine Jewelry

Limited Run Fine Jewelry

Precious metals and stones for weddings, anniversaries, and gifts.

Create Your Own Wedding Bands

Adding Heart

Make your most special piece of jewelry even more meaningful. Use hammers and torches to create your own wedding bands.

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