Cultures have always had a strong relationship to jewelry and body adornment.  Families rich and poor historically have passed jewelry down through generations.  Unfortunately, in today's world we have become obsessed with mass-produced "throw away" accessories and fashion. 


My work seeks to reclaim jewelry as meaningful by incorporating non-traditional materials found in nature and an organic design esthetic. By creating a completely handmade piece, I am hoping that the wearer has a deeper connection with what they are wearing.  I am exploring the wearer's relationship with nature, the organic flow of metal and its inherent beauty.


I have been lucky enough to study with great teachers in Chicago, as well as around the world.  In 2015 I participated in the PECAH residency – an art residency located in Manila, India at the foot of the Himalayan mountains. There I studied with other visual artists from around the world as well as with traditional Indian artists.  This experience fueled my desire to continue to create jewelry totally by hand – no computers or auto-cad involved.


Redbud Jewelry Studio and Shop is my personal jewelry studio where I create custom work and is also a shop where my jewelry is for sale along with handmade work by other local artists.